2019 Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Summit

The 2019 Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Summit will bring together individuals, business owners, artists and crafters, community leaders, industry and government departments that are all interested to learn more about the Indigenous tourism movement across Canada.  The Indigenous Tourism Association of New Brunswick, along with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) are very happy to welcome you the very first Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Summit. 


Taking place in the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaw & Wolostokwey & Passamaquaoddy peoples, this event will welcome you with open hearts and minds as we work towards increasing ways in which we can create more jobs, start new businesses and increase the overall revenue in the tourism sectors with Indigenous people getting more involved. 


Key tourism  information will be presented by industry organizations such as the Tourism Association of New Brunswick as well as ITAC and the work that they are doing nationally to increase capacity of Indigenous business owners through their new Acceleration Strategy for Indigenous tourism in Canada.


We will also hope to be hearing more about how the Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Strategy is leading the way here in Atlantic Canada in terms of growing capacity to help assist in the overall growth and expansion  of Indigenous tourism within the region.  The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) plays a key role in learning how to better understand how all of these partners in the Atlantic Region can work to better support the growth of Indigenous tourism organizations.  We understand that in order to be succesful these strategies have to be inclusive, supportive and establish long term sustainable models for their membership business owners, much like how they are out west where Indigenous tourism leads the way in Canada.

We look forward to having you take part in our 2019
Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Summit and we hope
you will enjoy all of how we plan to showcase our
Indigenous culture by promoting our authentic
arts, crafts, songs and dances as well as promoting
our new and existing Indigenous owned businesses
at this event.

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Patricia Dunnett
Chairperson ITANB & 2019 AITS.


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